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  • caterer arranging tables for a large outdoor party
  • fruit platter
  • long table arrangement for a catering event
  • artichoke platter
  • platter of cold cuts

Plated Simply Catering by Tom Schaudel

Plated Simply by Tom Schaudel

Here at Plated Simply we are the creation of three inspired partners in the hospitality industry, Long Island's best known chef Tom Schaudel and restauratuers Adam Lovett & Courtney Schaudel. 

Our Mission is to create a true farm to table experience using fresh local products from Long Island.

Here at Plated Simply we work with you to transform your vision of any affair into a reality. Whether you're looking to celebrate a special milestone, impress with a corporate event, astonish with a fabulous soiree or create a wedding experience that will last a lifetime, Plated Simply is for you.

Plated Simply is the culmination of over 100 years of our combined hospitality experience.

Tom will help you assemble the perfect menu, creating a taste of style unique to your event. Adam and Courtney will perfect the details from choosing an exquisite table design to professional staffing we will guide you step by step allowing you to truly be a guest at your own party.